Day 3: Shabbat

Day three was definitely a restful Shabbat. I woke up in the morning in time to head to breakfast. After breakfast, our morning activity was Torah study for the weekly portion. Following the session, we broke for a bit off free time before lunch. Some of the guys in the group found some Israeli children playing soccer, so they started a game. At first the Americans were winning, but the Israeli kids one with a score of 10-7.

Lunch consisted of a beef stew, pasta, and french fries. After lunch, we had a session on Jewish identity. It was really interesting to hear how others in the group identified with Judaism and what they were looking to gain out of the trip.

Following the identity program we had some free time to relax. When that ended, we had a program to help us learn about the Israeli students and soldiers that would join us tomorrow and had a nice Havdalah service. We then left for Tiberias for dinner on the boardwalk.

In Tiberias, we went to dinner at a restaurant and then I was dragged to loudest club in existence. I think I escaped with my hearing, but my ears did hurt for a while. When we got back to the kibbutz, that ended the day and I went to sleep.

Note: I’m having trouble uploading pictures to the blog right now, so for now the pictures are just on Facebook.

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